Technology and Innovation

technology and innovation

Where tomorrow's glass products are developed. Mainly for architectural applications and fabrication processes. Research themes include thermal and acoustic comfort, aesthetics, safety, fire resistance, connectivity of touchscreens, and more. Components of assemblies are also assessed here (adhesives, spacers, interlayers, inserts, etc).

Evergreen Glass offers various technical support to meet customers specific requirements, whether it's about glass color, glass combination, glass safety, glass performance, etc.

1. Glass Performance Calculation

By Berkeley Lab software and glass standards` help, Evergreen offers the right glass combination and coatings matching design requirement,especially glass thermal insulation performance, glass acoustic performance, glass structural performance, reflective color ranges.

2. Glass Coating Simulating & Developing

By support from our Lowe production line, OEM Lowe copying service provided and tinted glass Lowe products and service offer, as well as participate in the design. Remind: OEM Lowe Sample and mass production will have risky of high cost, and takes time, but the product will be unique.

MOQ also required

3. Glass Samples & Test

Full range of glass testing equipment and tools owned in plant lab. Our QC can test our product any time or production step before delivery, issuing the test report after the shipment. Test report range of bullet proof, fire proof, heat soaked, heat strengthened, coated, insulated etc.

Glass samples available for Architectural sign.

4. Facade Design & Drawing

Power design team can support our facade design, curtain design, BIPV design at the beginning of the project. Concept design, partition design, structural design, shopfront, BIPV etc.

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