Art Glass

Art Glass

In order to satisfy the development of indoor decrative glass demands, we built our dept of Decrative glass and equipped the most skillful workers and your designer to develop the new idea of our decrative glass. We send our workers and designer to the glass fair to study the new trend of the design and technology and combine it with our own advantages to form our own trend of new products, like laser engraved glass, acid etch tempered glass, carved art glass, dichroic glass, crystal glass and as well some some other newe product on the way to show the to market.

Each style of art glass was a beautiful story and if you are interested in it, we will share you, thank you.

The Use of Art Glass in Public and Private Spaces

The Use of Art Glass in Public and Private Spaces

The art glass use for public and private spaces indoors:


If we use art glass in our home, hotel or office building decration, it can help to make the project more beautiful, High end, atmospheric, upscale. When people there, it seems to be standing or living a The Palace of Art.


Sometimes the project is small in space, but when we import the art glass, it can make the space large by Lighting effects.

​Harmony between man and nature

When we import the art glass into facade, it can helps the project became part of the nature, sunshine ware and reflect the rainbow; bird friendly design make the bird safe; colorful and closed to nature make people feel in nature when they live or working in city offices.

The Role of Technology in Art Glass Production

Glass has been an art form for millennia and an industrial product for centuries. Over the last 50 years, glass has been an increasingly popular medium for personal innovation and creative expression.

As a sophisticated medium with complicated processes, tools, and equipment, technical advancements enable us to attain creativity and efficiency.

Technological advancements are redefining glass with new qualities, which not only creates new markets and application domains, but also necessitates high accuracy and bespoke glass production. With recent advances in 3D printing and lathe-working, creative glass exploration is on track to overcome traditional technological limitations while also serving as a medium for performance, temporality, and phenomenon-based interfaces.

The Role of Technology in Art Glass Production
The Techniques and Processes in Art Glass Creation

The Techniques and Processes in Art Glass Creation

From antiquity to the twenty-first century, artists worldwide used a variety of glass art techniques.

1. Blown glass art is made by shaping molten glass into various shapes.

2. Flameworking, also known as lampworking, is a process that involves melting glass using a torch (or a lamp) before shaping it with specialized glassworking tools.

3. Cast glass. Another often used process is cast glass, sometimes known as glass casting. This process produces items by channeling molten glass into a pre-designed mold.

4. Fused glass art is created by physically fusing various pieces of glass together in a kiln. In certain situations, the glass may be totally melted until the two original pieces come together.

5. Stained glass is tinted with metallic oxide coloring chemicals like copper or cobalt, which are mixed into the molten glass to achieve the desired color.

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