Jinan Evergreen Glass Co.,Ltd., who was founded 2000 and by support of well equipment of landglass tempering oven, top brand autoclave, top brand insulating line, Italy branded cutting machine, dip digital printing line etc, they served our products of tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, screen printing/digital printing glass, solar glass, curved glass to gain good fame from international building market.

Beside the green low carbon glass, our service also extend to Aluminium profiles, Aluminium solid panels, Aluminium windows & Doors, as well as the finished facade unit or curtain wall unit. Eg has got SGS, CE, SGCC, IGCC, AU/NZ, SIRIM, SGP laminating certificates, and the products are widely sold to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, Middle East and other regions.

Evergreen will continue to increase its R & D to develop new products such as photovoltaic and BIPV in solar energy field and it will continue to develop new energy efficient products based on double silver & triple silver coating Low E glass. Evergreen has a dream to manufacturer & supply the world green architecture material. It can make the residence, office building, hotel low carbon consumed and save the earth.

Types of EVERGREEN Building Glass

Architectural Glass

Architectural glass is glass that is used as a building material. It is most typically used as transparent glazing material in the building envelope, including windows in the external walls. Glass is also used for internal partitions and as an architectural feature. When used in buildings, glass is often of a safety type, which include reinforced, toughened and laminated glass; some interior decoration purpose own it printing glass, pattern glass etc.

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Advantages of EVERGREEN Building Glass

Well Equipped

Top branded and imported machines of: CNC cutting - edge working - washing - (printiing)-Tempering - Laminting- Insulating with max size of 3300 x 16000mm; After their served glass, it is accurate in size, beautiful apperance, and wonderful handover.

Professional Workers

We have a professional production team organization (Manger - QC-Monitor - handle workers); 90% of our frontline workers all minimal 5 years experience. They are skillfull, loyalty to their job and full of imagination of making the work perfect. Stricted QC system make every panel of glass is perfect. Design Team is also professional.


In order to serve the international client, we pass the the certificates of CE, SGS, SGCC, IGCC, AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND certificated.

Best After Service

Our glass have the warranty of 5 - 10 years againt what kind of glass. As if ther is any claim for the quality, we can provide the most professional solution, or site solution; Replacement fast and followed.

Quality Assurance and Control in Building Glass Manufacturing

Quality Assurance and Control in Building Glass Manufacturing
  • In order to proceed the order accurate, right and in time shipping, the QA team will review the order by order requirement, material and other requirement, so that the monitor can guide the workers right of each production procedure.

  • In order to haveover the job to client in time,  we will make a ahead material purchasing plan, to stock the materail ahead for stock, so that once the order confirmed, we can start the production right away and keep spare material for after service. Material always use top branded.

  • Quality inspector is plan to following every step of the production and give instruction & suggestion to each step of the workers and checking if their work is under the quality system of CE, IGCC/SGCC, AS/NZS.

  • Breaking testing. Each batch of the finished product will get a breaking test, the inspector will randomly choose the finished product to do the boil test, drop test and others to make sure each batch of production qualifed and then give order to packing.

Custom Process of EVERGREEN Building Glass


Focus on the glass structure, like what will be the glass compose, glass color, glass thickness as well as if the glass have coating/pattern/etched or some others;


Focus on the glass size charge, so that we can under what block sheet size material is best to meet the minimal cost, so that to save the cost of the client;


Focus on other detailed process like, glass edge working, notch and hole, glass fly and others;


If glass shaped or other speical things, make a glass drawings with all details for custom checking and discuss;


Making production confirm sheet and inpection record to custom, so that the can be guide for the whole production;


Making inspection report and shipping documents.

The Role of Building Glass in Interior Design


Glass material has an excellent historical decorative effect. On the one hand, it can maintain its own material characteristics, and on the other hand, it can create an artistic atmosphere in the indoor space, realizing the function and characteristics of glass material from "beauty" to decorative space.

Psychological environment creation

Glass material has the characteristics of controlling light, isolating noise, regulating heat, improving indoor brightness and highlighting the artistic division of space. Proper use of glass material in interior design makes its own artistic decoration and practical functionality perfectly compatible with the overall space environment. Fit.


Glass material is a material that depends on lighting, and its own dependence also makes glass material widely used in interior space design.

Division of Spatial Structure

Glass makes use of its material properties and the refraction and reflection of light to greatly enhance the indoor space effect. The most obvious experience is the division and conversion of light and shadow.

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