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Dichroic Glass

Dichroic glass is a type of glass that displays two different colors, especially when viewed from different angles. The term "dichroic" comes from the Greek words "di" (two) and "chroma" (color). This glass is created by stacking multiple micro-layers of metal oxides or vaporized metals, such as titanium, chromium, aluminum, and others, onto a glass surface. Contact our art glass company now!

Specification of Dichroic Glass

Specification of Dichroic Glass

Features of Dichroic Glass

Color Shifting: The most distinctive feature of dichroic glass is its ability to exhibit different colors depending on the angle of view and the angle and color of the light source. This color-shifting effect is a result of interference and reflection of light by the thin layers of coatings on the glass.

Transparency: Dichroic glass is typically transparent or translucent, allowing light to pass through. The interference of light within the layers produces the vivid and dynamic colors observed.

Use in Art and Jewelry: Due to its vibrant and changing colors, dichroic glass is widely used in artistic and decorative applications. It is often incorporated into jewelry, glass art, ornaments, and sculptures. Artists appreciate its ability to add depth and dimension to their creations.

Glass Fusing and Kiln Work: Dichroic glass is commonly used in glass fusing and kiln work. Artists can layer and fuse multiple pieces of dichroic glass to create intricate patterns and designs. The firing process helps bond the layers together.

Architectural Applications: Dichroic glass has found applications in architecture, particularly in the creation of decorative glass panels, windows, and facades. The color-changing properties can be used to achieve unique visual effects in building design.

Scientific and Optical Filters: In addition to artistic applications, dichroic coatings are used in scientific and optical instruments. They can be employed as filters to selectively transmit or reflect certain wavelengths of light.

Reflective and Transmissive: Depending on the specific type of dichroic glass, it can be either reflective or transmissive. Reflective dichroic glass reflects certain wavelengths and appears mirror-like, while transmissive dichroic glass allows certain wavelengths to pass through.

Dichroic glass adds a captivating and dynamic element to various artistic and design projects, making it a popular choice among glass artists and designers. Its unique visual effects make it stand out in both functional and decorative applications.

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