Vacuum Glass

Vacuum Glass

Vacuum glass, also known as vacuum insulated glass (VIG), represents a significant advancement in the field of architectural and window technologies. This innovative double vacuum glass product consists of two or more glass panes separated by a vacuum space, effectively eliminating the air between the panes to minimize heat transfer. The absence of air, a good conductor of heat, means that vacuum glass boasts superior insulation properties compared to traditional double pane windows vacuum or triple-glazed windows.

The edges of the glass panes are sealed with a metal or a combination of metal and glass solder, ensuring the vacuum is maintained over time. To support the panes and prevent them from touching each other due to atmospheric pressure, tiny pillars or spacers are evenly distributed between them. These spacers are designed to be minimally visible to not detract from the glass’s clarity and aesthetic appeal. Contact our vacuum glass supplier for more information!

Advantage of GreenVac Glass

Advantage of GreenVac Glass

Here are some advantages GreenVac Glass offers:

Superior Thermal Insulation

The energy consumption of doors and windows accounts for about 40% ~ 50% of the total, so the thermal insulation of windows is very important.

Vacuum insulating glass greatly improves the thermal insulation performance of doors and windows. The vacuum layer effectively insulates the convection and heat transfer of air. Low-E glass greatly reduces the radiation heat transfer between two pieces of glass. As a result, its thermal insulation capability is approximately 6-8 times that of single glass and four times that of insulating glass.

Noise Insulated Capability

Vacuum Glass cuts the outside noise out so you can enjoy the peace of your home.

The vacuum between the glass creates a barrier that sound struggles to go through, meaning your home can be quieter and more peaceful.

Light & Durable

The vacuum glass can be produced 6.15mm , 8.15mm , 10.15mm , 12.15mm .  The lightest panel are 15kgs/m2.

Super Long Life

15years valid time,or even longer.

No Frosting & Dewing

Its special vacuum structure gives it a strong thermal insulation performance that prevents heat from the interior from radiating out. As a result, condensation is difficult to develop because the surface temperature is greater than the dew point.

Prevent Infrasound

Sound-blocking materials can stop the infrasound , the vacuum havenot media to transfer the infrasound, can stop it. Plus it is more energy efficient than double or triple glazing!

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