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EVA Laminated Glass

Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) laminated glass, also known as EVA film laminated glass, offers several features and benefits compared to traditional polyvinyl butyral (PVB) laminated glass. Here are some key features and characteristics of EVA laminated glass:

  • EVA laminated glass can be used for windows, doors, and other architectural elements. It can also be used to create skylights and canopies.

  • EVA laminated glass can be used for tabletops, shelves, and other furniture elements.

  • EVA laminated glass is used for windshields.

  • Other applications: EVA decorative laminated glass can also be used in a variety of other applications, such as aquariums, display cases, and bullet-resistant glass.

Specification of EVA Laminated Glass

Glass Thickness

2+2/3+3/4+4/5+5/6+6/8+8/10+10 etc; EVA film 0.76mm, 1.52mm, 1.90mm, 2.28mm;


Glass in Clear, blue, bronze, green, gray, tinted reflective, ultra clear, online/offline lowe etc; Film in all colors from pantone card;

Min size


Max size


Shape in

Flat, curved ;

Extend processing

Acid, AR, AG coating, silk screen/digital printing, hole, notch etc;

Features of EVA Laminated Glass

  • Clarity and Transparency: EVA interlayers typically provide excellent optical clarity and transparency, resulting in clear views through the glass. The EVA film is known for its ability to maintain the original appearance of the glass, making it suitable for applications where aesthetics are important.

  • UV Protection: EVA interlayers offer effective UV blocking properties, protecting interior spaces, furnishings, and occupants from harmful ultraviolet radiation. This feature helps prevent fading and damage to UV-sensitive materials, such as fabrics, artwork, and wood.

  • Adhesion Strength: EVA laminated glass exhibits strong adhesion between the glass layers, ensuring the integrity and structural stability of the laminated assembly. The EVA film forms a durable bond with the glass substrates, providing enhanced resistance to delamination and water ingress.

  • Flexibility and Toughness: EVA interlayers offer flexibility and toughness, allowing them to conform to curved or irregular glass shapes without compromising performance. This flexibility makes EVA laminated glass suitable for a wide range of architectural, automotive, and specialty applications.

  • Sound Insulation: EVA laminated glass provides improved sound insulation properties compared to monolithic glass, reducing the transmission of airborne noise through the glass assembly. The viscoelastic properties of the EVA film help dampen vibrations and absorb sound energy, resulting in quieter indoor environments.

  • Safety and Security: EVA laminated glass enhances safety and security by holding broken glass fragments together in case of breakage, reducing the risk of injury from sharp edges and providing a barrier against forced entry. The toughness and durability of EVA interlayers contribute to the overall impact resistance of the laminated glass assembly.

  • Design Flexibility: EVA laminated glass offers design flexibility, allowing for customization in terms of size, shape, thickness, color, and decorative effects. The EVA film can be used to encapsulate various materials, such as fabrics, metals, and natural elements, to create unique and visually appealing laminated glass products.

  • Environmental Friendliness: EVA interlayers are considered environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives to PVB interlayers, as they are free from plasticizers and do not release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during processing. EVA laminated glass is also recyclable and can be repurposed at the end of its service life.

EVA Laminated Glass in Automotive Industry

  • Windshields: EVA laminated glass is used in windshields to provide enhanced protection against impacts and to improve acoustic comfort.

  • Sunroofs and Moonroofs: Its flexibility and strength make it suitable for large panoramic sunroofs, offering safety and design advantages.

  • Side and Rear Windows: For added safety and comfort, some manufacturers are exploring the use of EVA laminated glass for side and rear windows.

  • Display Integration: The potential for integrating displays and other smart technologies into EVA laminated glass opens up new possibilities for interactive windshields and windows.

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