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CdTe Photovolataic Glass

Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) photovoltaic glass is a type of solar glass that incorporates thin-film photovoltaic technology based on the semiconductor compound cadmium telluride. CdTe is one of the materials used in thin-film solar cells, and when applied to glass surfaces, it creates a transparent or semi-transparent layer that can convert sunlight into electricity.

Specification of CdTe Photovolataic Glass

Power produce

60 ~ 110W


1200*600*18.24mm, 1800*1200*18.24mm


10% -60%, customizable

Better Temperature Coefficient


Crystal clear appearance

Standardized modular design for easy installation

Advantages of CdTe Photovolataic Glass

1. High Absorption Coefficient

CdTe has an exceptionally high absorption coefficient, which means it can absorb the majority of the solar spectrum more efficiently than other materials. This allows CdTe solar cells to be much thinner than their silicon counterparts while still capturing a comparable amount of solar energy, leading to material and cost savings in manufacturing.

2. Low-Cost Manufacturing

The production process for CdTe PV modules is relatively simpler and less energy-intensive compared to that of crystalline silicon PV modules. This results in lower manufacturing costs, making CdTe-based solar panels more affordable and potentially reducing the cost per watt of solar electricity.

3. Good Performance in Diverse Conditions

CdTe solar panels perform well under a wide range of environmental conditions, including high temperatures and low light. Unlike some other photovoltaic materials, their efficiency does not significantly degrade on hot days, making them suitable for deployment in warm climates where solar irradiance is high.

4. Short Energy Payback Time

The energy payback time (EPBT)—the time it takes for a solar panel to generate the amount of energy that was used to produce it—is relatively short for CdTe PV glass. This is due to the efficient manufacturing process and the material’s effective light absorption, making CdTe solar panels an environmentally friendly option.

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