Heat Treated Glass

Heat Treated Glass

Heat treated glass is glass that under processing with tempering furnace. With the 670-720℃ in tempering oven and fast coolling, the glass surface and interior compression changed and keep relatively balance. Heat treated include of tempered glass, heat strengthened glss, heat soaked glas etc. The heat treated glass strength is always 2-5 times that of float glass and prevent possible injury. Heat treated glass is used in balustrade, balcony, poolfence, point supported glass facade etc.

Types of Heat Treated Glass

How is Heat-treated Glass Made?

How is Heat-treated Glass Made?

1: Cutting

The glass is first cut into the desired size. Any additional fabrication, such as holes or edge treatment, is done at this stage. Once the glass is heat-treated, it cannot be cut or altered.

2: Inspection

The glass is thoroughly inspected for any imperfections that might cause breakage during the heat-treating process.

3: Washing

The glass is then washed to remove any dirt or impurities.

4: Heating

The glass is heated in a tempering oven at a temperature of approximately 620 degrees Celsius (1150 degrees Fahrenheit). This is above the transition temperature that makes the glass soft and pliable.

5: Quenching

The heated glass is then rapidly cooled in a process known as quenching. High-pressure air blasts the surface of the glass from various angles. This rapid cooling process creates a state of high compression on the surface of the glass while the center remains in tension.

6: Inspection

The final step is another inspection to ensure the glass has been properly tempered. This is usually done using a polariscope to check for stress points or imperfections.

Is Heat-treated Glass More Resistant To Thermal Stress?

Yes, heat-treated glass is more resistant to thermal stress compared to regular glass. The tempering process strengthens the glass and increases its thermal stability. This means it can withstand higher temperature differences and is less likely to crack or break due to rapid temperature changes. This makes heat-treated glass ideal for applications where it may be exposed to high heat or rapid temperature fluctuations, such as in oven doors, fireplace screens, or buildings with a high amount of sunlight.

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