Special Glass

Special Glass

Specail glass in recently years brooming by new demand for safety and privacy etc newe function purposed. With more than 20 year in glass production, our special glass factory set up a professional workers to deal with the special glass design and production. And our group is very skillful with the below special glass of fire rated glass, bulletproof glass, smart glass, louvre glass panels, ITO glass, shatterproof glass, anti-reflective glass, anti-glaze glass and self-cleaning glass etc. By more than 10 years experience of produce them, our vacuum glass supplier is now professional and skillfull for all kinds of the special glass.

Advantages of EVERGREEN Special Glass

Advantages of EVERGREEN Special Glass


Our special is highly qualified and certificate covered; The glass is strictly checking by QC, so that it can make sure every panel of the glass is in good quality.

​Long Time Warranty

Our special glass is produced by advanced and imported machines and our workers is years skilled one. The finished product is in perfect quality and we always offered the longest warrnaty from 5 years - 30 years.

​Best After Service

Once there is claim for our proudcts, we will send out technical team together with QC to site to analysis where will be the problem and give at once the most professional solution, so that  to minimal the loss.

​Fast Delivery

Once the order confirmed, and our delivery time always from 15 days - 30 days against the order qty.

The Role of Special Glass in Modern Technology

Special glass played a very inportant role in the modern thechnology, it extend the functional purpose the of the glass from solid window glass purpose to safety, privacy, decration, and as well as some other special purpose by the new technology import to the glass industrial. It is a kind of reverlutionary to the glass building area.

The Role of Special Glass in Modern Technology
The Use of Special Glass

The Use of Special Glass

Thanks to its unique properties, glass is at the cutting-edge of technology.

Chemical: Corrosion resistance and Inertness.

Thermal shock resistance.

Optical: Reflects, bends, transmits and absorbs light.

Electrical insulation.

Mechanical: Surface is hard (scratch and abrasion resistant) and Elastic.

Its achievements are countless. It enabled huge progress in space exploration, medical research, optics and telecommunications….

Some areas of Research and Development for the future of glass.

Special coatings for buildings: Smart mirrors and highly insulating glass windows for photosensitive, switchable or electrochromic glazing

Anti-reflection properties and technologies for clean energy generation.

Strength: If glass of any type were available at 50 times its current strength, new products and opportunities could emerge in the market place, like ultra thin and light container glass and lighter flat glass and fibreglass for composites.

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