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Crystal Glass

Crystal glass, sometimes referred to as full-lead crystal or lead crystal, is a type of glass known for its brilliance, clarity, and superior cutting ability.

Unlike regular glass made primarily from silica sand, crystal glass incorporates lead oxide (PbO) into its composition. The lead oxide content typically ranges from 24% to 36%, significantly impacting the properties of the glass.

"Crystal glass" typically refers to a type of glass known for its clarity, brilliance, and high quality. While there isn't a specific category of glass known as "crystal glass" in the same way as tempered glass or laminated glass, the term is often used to describe glassware, decorative items, and optical instruments made from high-quality deco art glass

Specification of Crystal Glass

Glass Thickness

5mm - 300mm etc;


Glass in Clear, blue, bronze, green, gray, ultra clear etc;

Min size


Max size


Composition of Crystal Glass

  • High Lead Oxide Content: Unlike regular glass made primarily from silica sand, crystal glass incorporates a significant amount of lead oxide (PbO) into its composition. The lead oxide content typically ranges from 24% to 36%, which is what primarily contributes to the unique properties of crystal glass.

Visual Properties of Crystal Glass

  • High Brilliance and Sparkle: The lead oxide in crystal glass increases its refractive index, which is its ability to bend light. This results in the characteristic brilliance and sparkle associated with crystal glass. Light reflects and refracts within the crystal, creating a dazzling play of light and color.

  • Superior Clarity: Lead oxide also enhances the clarity of the glass, making it virtually flawless. This clarity allows for intricate cuts and designs to be showcased beautifully on crystal glassware.

Other Features of Crystal Glass

  • Increased Weight and Density: The addition of lead oxide makes crystal glass denser and heavier than regular glass. This contributes to a more substantial and luxurious feel in the hand.

  • Improved Workability: The lead content makes crystal glass softer and easier to cut, engrave, and polish. This allows artisans to create more intricate and detailed designs on crystal glassware.

  • Quality Materials: Crystal glass is made from high-quality silica, soda ash, and other additives. It undergoes careful manufacturing processes to ensure purity and consistency in composition.

  • Lead Content: Traditional crystal glass contains lead oxide, which enhances its refractive properties and gives it a weightier feel. However, modern crystal glassware may be lead-free or contain minimal amounts of lead for safety reasons.

  • Cutting and Engraving: Crystal glass is often cut and engraved with intricate patterns to enhance its beauty and decorative appeal. The precise cuts and facets create stunning light reflections and patterns.

  • Brilliance: Crystal glass exhibits a remarkable brilliance and sparkle when light passes through it. This quality makes it highly desirable for decorative objects, glassware, chandeliers, and other ornamental items.

  • Versatility: Crystal glass is versatile and can be molded, blown, or shaped into a wide range of products, including drinking glasses, vases, bowls, decanters, and decorative figurines.

  • Timeless Appeal: Crystal glass has an enduring appeal that transcends trends and fashions. It is often passed down through generations as cherished heirlooms and prized possessions.

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