School Guard Glass

School Guard Glass

The development of School Guard Glass and similar security glass technologies has been driven by the growing need to enhance safety and security in educational institutions. This need has become increasingly urgent in light of incidents involving forced entry, vandalism, and active shooter situations in schools around the world. The development process of School Guard Glass involves several key stages, incorporating advanced materials science, engineering, and a deep understanding of the security challenges faced by schools today.

Functions of School Guard Glass

School Guard Glass serves multiple critical functions in enhancing the safety and security of educational environments. Its design and implementation are geared towards creating a secure, yet welcoming atmosphere conducive to learning. Here are the primary functions of School Guard Glass:

1. Intrusion Resistance

One of the primary functions of School Guard Glass is to resist forced entry attempts. It is engineered to withstand impacts from various objects, delaying or preventing intruders from gaining quick access to the building. This added layer of protection is crucial for giving law enforcement and security personnel more time to respond to an incident.

2. Ballistic Protection

Certain types of School Guard Glass are designed to offer ballistic resistance, providing a barrier against gunfire. This function is particularly important in areas where there is a heightened concern about armed threats. The glass is rated to withstand specific types of ammunition, offering varying levels of protection based on the needs of the school.

3. Vandalism Deterrence

The robust nature of School Guard Glass also serves to deter vandalism. Its resistance to breaking minimizes the potential for property damage, whether from attempts to break windows or deface school property. This function helps maintain the integrity and appearance of school facilities.

Gallery of EVERGREEN Glass Used in School & Educational Institutes

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